CCIE Security Written Exam Dumps

Each topic of designing, implementing, operating, and troubleshooting complex Cisco security technologies and solutions is well explained in these CCIE security written exam dumps of the Cisco 400-251 exam.

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Question No. 1

Which two of the following statements about GETVPN are correct? (Choose two)

Answer: C, D

Question No. 2

Which statement about Cisco ISE Guest portals is true?

Answer: A

Question No. 3

Refer to the exhibit



router ospf 12

network area 1

area 1 authentication message-digest

interface G0/1

namif inside

security-level 100

ip address standby

ospf message-digest-key 12 md5 cisco


router ospf 12

area 0 authentication message-digest

area 1 authentication message-digest

network area 1

network area 0

network area 0

interface GigabitEthernet2

ip address

ip ospf message-digest-key 21 md5 cisco


Refer to the exhibit. Firewall ASA1 and router R2 are running OSPF routing process in area 1 connected via subnet in the inside zone. It has been reported that ASA1 cannot see any OSPF learned routes. Which two possible issues are true?

Answer: A

Question No. 4

In SNORT rules, the rule header contains which five elements? (Choose five.)

Answer: A, B, D, F, G

Question No. 5

Refer to the exhibit.

Which two configurations must you perform to enable the device to use this class map?

(Choose two)

Answer: B, C

Question No. 6

Which statement about Password Authentication Protocol is true?

Answer: D

Question No. 7

Which difference between DomainKeys and DKIM in Cisco ESA deployment is true?

Answer: D

Question No. 8

Which two statements about the MACsec security protocol are true? (Choose two.)

Answer: C, E

Question No. 9

Which command sequence do you enter to add the host to the CISCO object group?

Answer: C

Question No. 10

As an enterprise, you have decided to use Cisco Umbrella (OpenDNS) services for all public DNS requests.

In which two ways can you ensure that all DNS clients (endpoints) use this service for external requests only? (Choose two.)

Answer: D, E

Question No. 11

Which option does a wired MAB appear in ISE RADIUS live logs?

Answer: C

Question No. 12

What technique can an attacker use to obfuscate a malware application payload, allowing it to bypass

standard security mechanisms?

Answer: D

Question No. 13

Which statement about the TLS security protocol is true?

Answer: E

Question No. 14

Which statement about the TRUST action when configure an ACP is true?

Answer: B

Question No. 15

Refer to the exhibit.

There is no ICMP connectivity from Branch PC to the Engineer server at on the provided FTD1 access policy and network topology in the exhibit, what could be the possible reasons for this failure?

Answer: C

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